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Raw material supplier

Our Service

1, Quality Control
2, shipping procedure:
We have stable shipping agent in Chinese main ports. With good service.
Photos will be taken for every shipment, including shipping marks, packages, and procedure of loading.
We use fast, direct vessels (If there is direct vessels), good shipping line, with good service. We signed long time agreement with these companies every year, with competitive freight.
For FCL, we supply 21 days free demurrage in destination, so consignee have enough time to clear the cargo in destination to avoid any unnecessary charge.
For LCL, we will confirm charges in destination before shipment with customers, to avoid any unreasonable, high charges for customers in destination from local shipping agent.
 3, Docs. Service:
All documents will be sent to customers for confirmation before shipment.
And all courier numbers, both for bank and for customer will be sent to customer for tracing.
4, Experience
We can make different products in one container, combined shipment.
Good administration for both shipment and docs making.
Fast reply and fast shipment.
Complete system for trading service.